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Friday, 15 February 2013

Cerita Buah-buahan

Fruit Salad : Miss Orange and Miss Apple Big Fight


Miss Apple and Miss Orange come across an invitation announcing an Art Competition. They decide to participate in the competition together. Miss Orange is a talented painter and Miss Apple has very good imagination. Together they come up with a beautiful painting of a garden. They win the competition and recieve a beautiful looking hat as the gift. Now Miss Apple and Miss Orange argue over the ownership of the gift. See how the fruits of the orchards try to solve this arguement. 

Little Esbee Grows Big


Miss Esbee the Strawberry invites the Fruits of the Fruit Salad to play with her at the park. But unfortunately, Miss Esbee proves to be too small for the games which the other fruits are playing. Her friends make fun of her which break her morale. Therefore she requests Mother Nature to increase her size. Will the Fruits of the Fruit Salad, Pina the Pineapple, Walter the Watermelon, Chika the Chickoo, Benny the Banana and others realise that when it comes to sports and games, size does not matter

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