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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

You Mr. LoneLy???

Have you ever felt lonely? Do you feel that you don't fit into group? Well, if you have answered " yes" to the questions that i have just posed to you, don't despair. Here's the good news. There are ways to beat loneliness. In order to overcome loneliness or to cope with it, you need understand that loneliness is not disease. It is merely a state of mind. Some people usually feel there's absolutely nothing to do and spend time alone around the house. My advice to these peoples, get actively involved in something, get a hobby or even several hobbies, join clubs and relate to other people. You'll soon find that you have something constructive to work towards and this well dispel any notion of loneliness that you may here.

Another cause of loneliness is the inability of some people to communicate. They may find difficuly in expressing themselves, and may thus find themselves in a situation where they are not able to make friends. To improve their communicate skills, they could get involved in personal development courses. This will boost their self- confidence to communicate. Thinking negatively will only draw you into a shell  of loneliness. Finally, remember not to fear being alone. Fear might even lead you into other negative feelings like frustration and depression. 

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